Petsinn - Vue d'ensemble des enclos extérieurs

10 enclosures, 9 enclosures of 24m² and 1 enclosure 34m²
All the enclosures inside with bed.
Outside : synthetic grass. Your dog stays always clean.


Enclos intérieur avec banque de couchage

Small dog: €16/day
Middle dog: €17/day
Big dog: €18/day

Second dog in the same enclosure +50%.

Tariffs are calculated from the first day regardless of time of arrival.
The last day will not be charged if the dog is collected before 10h
 A booking becomes final after payment of a deposit of 50% of the total amount This amount is not refundable in the event of cancellation by the owner.
If a dog is collected at an earlier date, the full amount for the agreed period will be charged.

Advances are not repaid. Cancellation: €1.50/day reserved & animal.

Heating in winter time: 1.50€/day. Airconditioning: 1.50€/day if necessary.

Petsinn - Enclos exterieur sur gazon synthétique

Food included.

High quality food.
Special food/diet food/medication, must be provided by the owner. No extra charges.

Toys, basket, cushions are allowed.

Washing service : €20/€25/€30


Every dog must carry an identification by chip or tattoo.


Petsinn - Vue d'ensemble des enclos intérieurs

(given at least 2 weeks before and within the 1 year period of validity ):

The dogs must be free of parasites. They must arrive treated against ticks and fleas (e.g. Frontline or Advantix, taking the period of effectiveness into consideration).

  1. Proof of ownership.
  2. Valid vaccination certificate.
  3. They must not be aggressive or on heat.
  4. They must not suffer from a transmittable, bacterial, viral or parasitical disease and must not be less than 4 months old.

Dogs not accepted

  1. danger of contamination other dogs.
  2. aggresive dogs
  3. females in season
  4. sick dogs


Petsinn - Installations destinées aux soins des animaux


Doors open: by appointment.


Enclos intérieure avec porte donnant sur l'enclos extérieur

Pets – Inn
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Tel: 06 78 43 50 42
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